When we say our work is about more than technology – it’s about our strategic approach and diverse teams – we bring that same perspective to our work in the community. Our approach strategically aims to stop the cycle of poverty and support safe homes for children because we believe safe homes enable academic achievement and better life opportunities. The diversity of our teams allows us to do that work both in the U.S. and in Vietnam, and to improve the conditions that keep children from achieving their full potential – wherever they live.

In 2016, we completed seven “Charity Homes” in Vietnam, including these most recent three for families in Quang Nam and Quang Ngai cities.

A family’s school fees were being supported by the community because they couldn’t afford to send their children to school on their own. For about three years, the family had been living in a small tent. Upon receiving the home, the family committed to caring for the home, as it would allow the children to better focus on their education.

The eldest child in another family (age 8) cares for her two younger siblings, one of whom has cerebral palsy, while the parents are away in another city earning money. The girl gets good grades in school; an enormous feat for a child taking care of two other children and living in a tent. The community was happy to see this family receive a home.

Despite their struggles with poverty, the daughter in another deserving family was achieving high marks at school. She gave an emotional thanks to BTM Global and others for the home. Those attending the dedication ceremony included the BTM charity team and various community and government representatives.

In addition to donations of bicycles, shoes and clothing to several orphanages in Vietnam, we awarded a scholarship to three students at the University of Technology. On top of their academic achievements, the students had financial needs that threatened their ability to stay in school. With our support, we hope to see these students reach their career dreams and form better, more stable lives.

In the U.S., we support Safe Families, a volunteer-based organization that helps children throughout the country receive family-like support from volunteers and host families when their own caregivers are in crisis. Through donations and sponsorship, we help extend the community safety net to more families in need.

We were extremely proud to continue growing our company and clients in 2016; and we are equally as proud to leverage that success into more ways of helping children around the world reach success in their own lives.