What if you could work with a single partner to implement, integrate, stage and deploy your Oracle Retail project?

Introducing Staging & Deployment services from BTM Global

We are the rare Oracle Retail partner who can stay with you all the way through your project’s production staging and deployment. Get a single, experienced partner as you transform your business!

  • One partner, better value
  • We’ll get you trained and stabilized, relieving the stress on your team
  • Turn projects faster with a start-to-finish partner
  • Free up your time to focus on business needs
  • Get a consistent project team and seamless knowledge transition at each phase
  • Less cut-over down time
  • 60-70% faster deployment timeframes

How does it work?

We stage the hardware, application and data at the BTM labs. Then, our experts go on-site to execute the deployment and cut-over the night of your go-live.

  • We perform all testing and ensure business is ready to resume the next day
  • Provide training as needed
  • We’ll remain on site until you are stabilized, offering support and knowledge transition assistance

A global retailer with thousands of registers cut conversion times 50-70% with BTM Global Staging & Deployment services. We staged hardware, application and data at our labs and in advance of the go-live. When we arrived on-site, we quicky executed the conversion and worked alongside our client through a smooth deployment.


Kimberly Berneck, COO
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Brian Verkinderen, Director of Sales
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