Here at BTM, we’re a service-based business that provides implementation and development services for Oracle Retail and NetSuite solutions. As a project-based services company, we struggled to find an effective tool to help us manage our business. We needed a product that integrated to NetSuite and provided us resource management, operations and business intelligence. After an extensive search, we found Mavenlink.

Mavenlink is a flexible resource management solution purpose-built for professional services organizations. We transformed our operations with Mavenlink; we liked the product so much and got so much value from it that we became an Implementation Partner.

Why Choose Mavenlink?

• Staff optimal teams effortlessly
• Respond to project changes in real time
• Seamless NetSuite integration
• Maximize operational performance
• Scale smartly with more informed decisions
• Intuitive integration and automation engine
• Business intelligence and actionable insights

You Have a True Partner with BTM Global!

• We understand Mavenlink first-hand
• Successful project results, from easy to complex, from small businesses to global brands
• Laser-focused on efficient project execution while keeping long-term goals in mind
• An honest approach and a team who isn’t afraid to have tough and realistic conversations
• Efficient implementations that minimize operational disruptions
• Product integrations

Get the Mavenlink functionality that fits your business environment. Let us help you figure out what you need, when you need it, and how it fits within the rest of your technology infrastructure – all while keeping efficient budgets and timelines in mind.

• Functional & Process Requirements
• Operational Considerations
• Implementation & Deployment Plans
• Business Requirements

Planning and analysis are essential for a successful implementation and go-live. We put the work in up front to make sure you realize the full value of Mavenlink to help you meet your immediate needs and long term goals.

• Discovery
• Configuration
• Data Migration
• Integration
• Reporting

Elevate the performance of your technology infrastructure! Our managed services leverage Mavenlink’s methodology and best practices to optimize business operations post-rollout.

• Administration Support
• Configuration Enhancements
• Integration Error Resolution
• On-going Reporting Enhancements

Resource Management
• Resource demand and capacity
• Change management
• Forecasting
• Planning

Operations Management
• Project management command center
• Collaboration tools
• Project estimations
• Financial/accounting tools

Business Intelligence
• Centralized business data
• Services-centric reports
• Tailored insights
• Interactive reporting engine and dashboards

Integrations and Workflows
• Connecting existing systems with Mavenlink
• User-built features to maximize efficiency
• Interface and development tools

MavenOps Services
• Current state review
• Implementation planning
• Configuration strategy
• Pilot projects
• Go-live strategy review
• Optimization roadmap

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