An Interview with Kimberly Berneck, BTM Global’s New President and CEO

It has been an exciting season of change and growth here at BTM Global! We’ve announced new leadership, expanding client work and deepening partnerships.

Kimberly Berneck, BTM Global’s former COO, became company president and CEO on March 31. We sat down with her to hear about her vision for the future.

What excites you about the future of BTM?
As president and CEO, I’m really looking forward to working with our team and our customers in a more strategic manner. As vice president of delivery management and then as COO, I was deep into the tactics of the work. I love that, but I’m also excited to grow the strategic side of my relationships – to collaborate on the roadmaps and make the future successful for everyone.

What excites you about your new role?
I’ve always been a delivery-focused person, making sure our clients, our company and our partners are successful. As a result, we have near 100% referenceability. I’m excited to continue that as CEO while growing myself and our team…to lead the next generation of BTM employees and ensure they have growth paths. I look forward to sharing my passion for ensuring our customers are successful and referenceable.

What will be your focus areas?
Tactically, I am focused on growing and acquiring clients. But I also will stay client-facing for our current clients. BTM employees will have new opportunities to grow and contribute to both our external and internal operations, enabling them to contribute in new ways.

Secondly, I want to explore ways we can deliver value and work even more efficiently – so we will be open to client feedback.

On a strategic level, I’m looking at where BTM could expand practice areas or move into new industries. I’ll be working closely with our Oracle Retail and NetSuite partners to discuss opportunities, because we always want to grow smartly. As we grow and change, we want to do it right and strategically.

What can clients expect from BTM under your leadership?
They should expect the same commitment to client success. We do what we say. Our strong partnerships with them will continue as we bring on new leaders and team members. They can expect consistency.

What can the BTM team expect from your leadership?
I’ve been here for 15 years. I understand what we do and how we do it, and the culture we’re trying to foster. I want to enhance what we have and give everyone opportunities to contribute.

I’m excited about the new growth paths that have opened up for others, like Kyle Wittet as the new Oracle Retail practice vice president. He’s been with us for almost 10 years and understands our culture. He and Natalie (NetSuite practice director) are committed to enhancing our services and innovating, all with a commitment to our company culture.

What are your priorities in the near term?
I’m going to be very focused on our employees. I want to ensure we’re giving them good career paths that energizes them. I have a family and children at home too, and I want to continue supporting a healthy balance with their personal lives.

I will also continue deepening our solution and industry knowledge so we can grow our client base and take advantage of new opportunities. We’re looking at tangential services that would be helpful to our clients and broaden the types of businesses we can partner with.

As the landscape around our clients changes quickly, they have to change quickly too. Project timelines are shortening, ROI needs to be faster, initiatives need to be rolled out ASAP. BTM has adapted to that because we are a nimble company. We have open and direct communication with clients, and I’ll make sure that continues.

What do you think BTM’s biggest advantages are in the marketplace right now?
About 98% of our team are BTM employees, not contractors. That gives us a huge advantage over our competitors who use a lot of contractors, because our people know how to work with each other, they know our clients, there’s a ton of internal knowledge that stays here. We can work much more efficiently.

The way that we approach projects: is another advantage: Simply put, we do what we say. Our near 100% referenceability stands out. While any project has issues and hurdles, we are committed to making sure our clients are in a better spot and set up for success.