The retail world is changing rapidly and you need the right technology partner if you hope to stay ahead.

At BTM Global, we provide retail system integration and development services for clients ranging from small regional chains to the world’s most recognized brands. Through development, implementation, support and strategic technology planning, we offer a holistic perspective of your long-term needs to help you succeed and grow.

However, our work is about more than the technology. Our clients choose us because of our comprehensive approach and deep industry expertise.

Our approach is strategic
We don’t impose a generic project plan on our clients and we don’t think narrowly about tasks. Our teams are strategic advisors, problem solvers and proactive partners who examine a project from many perspectives and leverage their industry expertise to offer the best solution. Post-implementation, we enable and support your team to ensure a smooth deployment. From start to finish, we think about your project in the long-term and seek to understand your company objectives so that we can foster open and honest conversations about what’s truly needed to help you achieve success.

Our expertise is diverse
Our teams are seasoned and our expertise is diverse, which gives us a more comprehensive perspective when working with unique challenges and technologies. Our varied areas of expertise, coupled with our strategic approach, allow us to respond more quickly and creatively to your technology and business needs.




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