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31st August

Managing What You Don’t Know: Factors for a Successful EMV Implementation

August 31st, 2016|BTM News, Media Coverage|

The U.S. has lagged in EMV adoption in part because retailers' implementations have been anything but smooth and consistent. There are many players involved, and authorizers are building and adding to EMV even as retailers are getting certified. With all of this uncertainty, you need some measure of control over the project and its effect [...]

11th July

Three Questions to Answer when Balancing Personalization with Data Security

July 11th, 2016|BTM News, Media Coverage|

Would you trade your personal data for a more customized retail shopping experience? More and more consumers are saying yes. This is good news for retailers that want a better understanding of their customer base in order to shape a personalized shopping experience. Yet consumers’ willingness to give their data comes with the expectation that [...]

12th May

Tom Schoen in RIS News: Planning for a Smooth Knowledge Transition

May 12th, 2016|BTM News, Media Coverage|

Technology and systems are at the core of your operations, so when a new system has to be implemented, it requires an immense amount of planning to ensure you choose the right technology, the right technology partner, and that the implementation goes smoothly. But too often, the last critical piece is overlooked: How to transition [...]

23rd March

What’s the Most Important Question to Ask a Technology Partner?

March 23rd, 2016|BTM News, Media Coverage|

When looking for a partner to help you with technology development or implementation, your options can be overwhelming. How do you tell the difference between companies? Don’t they all promise to do the same thing? And doesn’t it really come down to who can do the work at the least cost? We believe the most [...]

7th January

Don’t end with a bang: Tom Schoen discusses software knowledge transfer on

January 7th, 2016|BTM News, Media Coverage|

Whether you’re planning or are in the midst of an enterprise technology change, the situation can be daunting. But the implementation is only half of the equation: What happens when the project is done? Are your teams ready to take charge of the new software and systems? Or will you be hit with unexpected and [...]